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Thread: What social network is popular in your region?

  1. As for us here its either Twitter and facebook ...Twitter becomes popular because a lot known and controversial issues were either posted in Twitter or in their facebook account

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    Facebook all the way.
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    In Costa Rica Hi5 is HUGE but FB is catching on.
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  4. Way back around 5 years ago you'd have to have friendster account to be cool then they sucked so much and most of the users moved on to facebook. This is in the Philippines fyi.

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    In Uk, it would be Facebook, Orkut, Blufer, Bebo

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    Canada is mainly known for Facebook.

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    in our country facebook is the most visited website and second is friendster.

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    facebook is king in my reigon (UK) Northamptonshire
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    both are equally followed in different parts..they both are very good..

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    Facebook is universally very popular..

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