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Thread: What social network is popular in your region?

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    What social network is popular in your region?

    I met a really awesome girl at a club in Hiroshima, Japan a few months ago. I didn't speak Japanese, she didn't speak English, but as luck would have it, we both spoke Spanish.

    Before I left the club she asked me if we could keep in touch through Orkut. She'd never heard of Facebook. This exchange got me thinking about the regional popularity of social networks. The girl I met just happened to be half Japanese and half Brazilian. Orkut is extremely popular in Brazil so it isn't surprising that she uses it to communicate with her family members.

    In the US, my home country, Facebook is extremely popular. What are some popular social networks in your country/region?

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    Half of the Indians live on Orkut. You'll be surprised to know some of them don't even know about search/google.

    Few pro and young people have shifted to facebook due better security features ... still orkut is a household name here.
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    In Belgium almost everyone uses NetLog.Com, I'm using it too as it has a nice interface IMO. Better than the one that facebook has. But I hardly use social network websites though, just to stay in touch with some old friends
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    Around here it's all about facebook. We teenagers love our facebook, hahaha.

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    Orkut is more popular in our region as far as i know i.e india.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Arunkumar View Post
    Orkut is more popular in our region as far as i know i.e india.
    I think 7/10 my friends are on orkut and keep eating my mind with stupid scraps .

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    Facebook in Finland i think.

    I try to stay away from all those places.

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    In Bosnia, Facebook is also number one.

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    I am not very sure but Orkut and Facebook would be on top of the list.


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