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Thread: Why do you use Twitter?

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    Smile Why do you use Twitter?


    Twitter is an awesome multi-purpose tool.

    Why do you use Twitter?

    I use Twitter to basically make friends.


  2. Earlier I used Twitter just to promote my sites.

    Now I have started using Twitter mainly to know people more.

    I have actually met 50+ of my followers since last month, and it's nice to meet new people.
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    I use twitter for fun and it;'s a fast and easy way to connect with people and expose yourself to the blogging world.

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    Twitter is a genious concept and I will say that I love it. I normally use twitter to promote my sites and post "Special Offers".

    I also sometimes post just because I have something to say and nobody will listen
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    Usually to kill some time, but hopefully in the long term I can use it to make myself better known, too.

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    I am planning to join Twitter mainly to market my sites.

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    Conversations, and meaningful conversations only

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    I use twitter for promotion, but mostly just because it's fun.

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    Not a single thing can be done with twitter.. friendship, networking, blog promotion, and also learning most of the new things in the web through it.

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    I use Twitter for:

    Site promotion
    Finding opportunities (freelance work)
    Asking questions

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