There are several reasons that make Twitter, the marketers tool.

1. Twitter allows you to connect with your customers:
The first and foremost basic use of Twitter is to post information relating to your products. Twitter enables you to find out more information about your customers for e.g. - their likes and dislikes about your company, their opinion of your brand, the products they like most and why, their suggestions and feedback etc. Through Twitter, you can get a channel of finding out ways of improving your business and making it a success. So, in short, Twitter provides businesses with a channel to keep your current and prospective customers, well informed and engaged.

2. Twitter acts as an excellent networking tool:
Being a part of the Twitter family can provide excellent opportunities to come in contact with a lot of people you would never have come across otherwise. You get to meet and converse with so many people on this networking site. These people might turn out to be good business prospects for you. You might come across people whom you would like to hire or start a project with.

3. Twitter helps you to create an Image:
Another reason that makes Twitter, the marketers tool is that it allows you to interact, associate and communicate with other people and not just send them your product announcements, etc. Through Twitter, you can portray an image that attracts customers to your business.

4. Fast way of getting a message out:
You can quickly let your customers know about any news, announcements, special offers and upcoming events through Twitter. A fast way of getting a message out makes Twitter, the marketers tool. Twitter lets you instantaneously spread the word about your product.

5. Twitter helps you stay with the times:
Being a part of Twitter shows people that you are participating in the social media and you are moving with the times. Just having a website is no longer a big deal today. Using Twitter sends out the message that you too are advancing with the times and hence, people might want to get down to doing business with you. People are always willing to work with businesses that are always ready to adapt to the ever changing scenario.