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Thread: Adding (www.) At Google Analytics

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    Smile Adding (www.) At Google Analytics


    I was just wondering, if there is a difference when adding a profile on Google Analytics, with or without the ( www. )


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    There shouldn't be a difference, since whether you choose with www or without, it counts the pageviews on one of the domains so..

    If your page redirects from to than it's better to use www. otherwise, you shouldn't

    |Nico Lawsons

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    o_O give it a shot, try adding both urls and see what happens
    I honestly didn't test this but I do know that in Google's Webmaster Tools you have the option to set a "Preferred" domain and in that case you need to verify both domains in your acconunt

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    Alright. thanks for the input
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    tell us what happens

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