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Thread: AdSense + Analytics

  1. AdSense + Analytics

    A couple of months ago, Google finally announced an official integration between Google AdSense and Google Analytics. The announcement was made in a post, Make a date with data in Google Analytics, on the Inside AdSense Blog.

    I received my invitation about a month ago. It took some time for enough data to be collected for the data to be reliably useful.

    The ability to see AdSense Revenue, CTR and eCPM for every page is extremely useful. The ability to see AdSense these statistics for each incoming keyword is no less useful.

    This data helps me top decide where to spend money. It helps me decide what kind of content to build and which keywords to promote.

    Over time, I expect that this data will help me to significantly increase my AdSense revenue.

    If you don't have an Analytics account yet, get one now. That's the only way I know of to get in line for an invitation.

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    The fact that Google Analytics is so easy to use and understand with the simplest bit of knowledge is wonderful, the fact that its free makes it even better and now that theyve added the few missing parts, which before made going out and buying another analytics tool a must, is splendid. Theyve definitely stepped up and listened to what their users wanted and needed.

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    I'm still waiting for my invite/link/whatever...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    I'm still waiting for my invite/link/whatever...
    It's still in beta. Anyone have an idea when it will go live?

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    Everything G made(kes) is still in Beta , still, this has been officially announced here:

    So, I really need to sit down and get another 6 pack... maybe I need 6 * 6 * 6 pack...

  6. just got this enabled in my account, I only joined analytics couple days ago

    This is pretty exciting, I've been waiting for over 3 years to be able to see stats for each page It always bothered me that I can only see how many clicks each page got through trackers, but not the $$

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    Enabled here!

    Hate the "paste this code" bla bla... part of it, but well...

  8. Now begins the annoying wait for enough data to be collected for the reports to actually be useful.
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    And the delay is huge, at least for me.

    I don't have full data for December 12 yet (activated integration on December 11)

  10. yeah it's slow and there is very little of it for now, gotta give it at least a week.

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