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Thread: Which Backlink Checker you use ?

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    Question Which Backlink Checker you use ?

    I use yahoo site explorer most of the time. Is it good ?

    And which one gives accurate results?

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    A lot of the backlink checkers use yahoo. Try google webmaster tools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne View Post
    Nice tool! It shows the OBL of pages linking to you and identifies the no follows.

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    Yahoo site explorer works perfectly and its show accurate results as well.
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    I use to check the back links!

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    Yahoo site explorer is good. Google also a good choice. if you are more serious then i suggest you check out some premium tools like those from shoemoney or seobook

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    yahoo explorer works most of the time

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Arunkumar View Post
    I use to check the back links!
    BackLinkWatch is a front-end to Yahoo Site Explorer.

    Almost all of the backlink checking tools are front-end to Yahoo Site Explorer. I worry that the recent deal between Microsoft and Yahoo will result in the death of Yahoo Site Explorer.

    I've been using AdvancedLinkManager lately. It's sort of a backlink checker on steroids.
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