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    Backlink Checking Tools

    Is there any Tool by which i can make my back links faster on daily basis ?

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    I am using

  3. I'm using Parameter software you can download it here

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    You want the tool to build the links for you or to check how many backlinks that you already have? If the later is the case then I usually use yahoo site explorer to check how many backlinks that my sites have.

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    There are some automated tool like back link checker tool, from where you check the back links of website.But these tools didn't give you accurate result. You can find accurate result by checking the site back links manually i.e.
    link: site url ----This thing you put on Google or Yahoo than find the back links of site accurately.

  6. this tools is something surprising since it shows few of backlinks crawled by google.
    or are those the only high quality backlinks?

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    Backlink Watch is a good website for checking backlinks.

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    Backlinks checker tool is good to see how many links a particular domain has and where they are linked from. Yahoo has traditionally always had the best reporting on back links, so we use yahoo site explorer for this purpose. The second tool is great for finding pages that contain inbound links to your website and that also contain a specific keyword somewhere on the page.

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    Moonsearch is also a great tool.

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