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Thread: Google Analytics or Awstats?

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    Google Analytics or Awstats?

    Ok, so today I noticed there's a huge difference in numbers between Google analytics report and the Awstats reports, everyone does. I know Google analytics is more accurate to learn how and why people visit each page, how long they stay on each page, which page visitors leave the most, etc.

    But when it comes to gather traffic information to show advertisers of the traffic progress such as pageviews and visits numbers, which one does provide better pageviews/visits traffic accuracy?

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    I cant answer your question, but I do notice the huge difference between pageview stats. Its really confusing and I don't know who to trust. I also notice a difference between Wordpress Blog Stats and Google Analytics. I DO really like that both show me how people find me and by what search terms or referral links.

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    I did some quick research and I think analytics is more accurate when it comes to real human visitor stats.

    Awstats tracks even every single .php, bots, spyders request as pageviews and I actually care about is to count the real human pageviews. Awstats is better for the website technical people but Google analytics is for those who are more interested in marketing, website behaviour, real human traffic stats, etc.

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    Thanks for looking around for an answer. I care more about real human stats. Looking at everything makes me feel kind of like I'm lying to myself. You know? Like "Oh my site got 20,000 views today.........but they were all by bots or artificial means."

    Its really cool to see how many people view my site with IE or Firefox, and who has what kind of internet. Its all so much fun to me.

    Thanks again. You answered a lot of questions I had!

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    you are welcome, and better yet I answered my own questions

    If anyone would like to say something or correct anything wrong I might have said please let us know.

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    Analytics is way much better, although when selling a website it's always nice to show AwStats too as they show 'more visitors' than there are shown by Analytics.

    Up to now I always used Analytics, and it's the best one so far, but for the proxies I'm using AwStats as the program doesn't needs to have thousands of codes onto it, awstats just gets the stats from the server

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I pretty much the same with Aquarezz because I mainly use Analytics to monitor the traffic but Awstats automatically records my visits via the server.

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    I have experience with both analytics and awstats...But I felt good with analytics...The main reason is it's updating gap is very less compare to awstats, though the look and feel of awstats may show that its pretty detailed, the fact is analytics gives a thorough analysis.. I supports google analytics.

  9. Awstats is always going to be more accurate...because it uses your site's log files to show you the traffic.

    Google Analytics uses javascript...and if you put the javascript at the end of the page (where they tell you to) you're not going to get accurate traffic data. You see, when your page loads, there oftentimes is something that slows down (like an ad, etc.) and people sometimes click away from the page before the Google Analytics javascript loads and count the visitor.
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    I agree with Bill. There is also the issue of people who have JavaScript disabled in their browser. If JavaScript is disabled, there are no Analytics stats for that visit.

    JavaScript is disabled whenever someone sets their security level to High in Internet Explorer.

    I find Google Analytics to be an amusing toy, because it is far from being a real web analytics tool.
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