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    Google Analytics Question

    Is it possible in Google Analytics to see which organic traffic is bringing in Adsense revenue?

    I can only see top adsense referrers, but it doesn't show any organic information. Like for example if I wanted to see if traffic from MSN or Google converts better.

  2. Click Traffic Sources on the left menu, then click Search Engines on the left menu. Finally, click the AdSense Revenue tab in the middle of the main window.

    The two reports I find really useful are the report that show AdSense revenue by page and by keyword.

    Yahoo traffic converts better than Google traffic, and MSN traffic converts better than either of them.
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    Thanks Will!

    That's exactly what I was looking for, I didn't notice that button before... this gives me very valuable insights into where I should focus my efforts.

  4. Well go for that button and i am also supprting the idea that yahoo traffic has more conversion rate

  5. Let's compare our stats:
    For me LIVE converts the best, following by SEARCH, then AOL, MSN, ASK and YAHOO in the end. LIVE pulls nearly 3 times better eCPM than YAHOO...

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    From my stats, the rankings for the best converting search engine traffic is as follows:

    1. Live
    2. MSN
    3. Search
    4. Yahoo
    5. Google
    6. AOL
    7. Ask

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