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Thread: Google page checker

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    Google page checker

    Is there any online tool to check which page your site is located for a certain keyword instead of having to click the page navigation at the bottom?

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    If you are using firefox I recommend Free Firefox Rank Checker - Check Your Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Search Engine Rankings | SEO very great add on

    Just add all the keywords your targeting and it will check all of the serp locations across 3 engines.

    Just be sure to setup the speed to query like every 10 seconds and run it once a day or you will get temp bans from the engines.

    If only want an online one this one isn't to bad Google Pagerank check SERPs + keyword trend + position tracker

    Reverse IP Check ಠ_ಠ Proxy Sites
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    Yikes, I'm on page #40!

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    I would also highly recommend this software Free Monitor for Google - search engine position and web ranking software

    It is only for Google, but it is extremely effective and has all the functionality needed.

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    To know everything about a website or webpage use SeoQuake Toolbar.

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