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Thread: How many of you are tracking Your Site's Performance?

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    How many of you are tracking Your Site's Performance?

    hi dear friends,

    do you have the habit of tracking your site's performance? Are you analyzing your sites seo progress? Yeah I do this. This helps me to find out the key places where I have to be more concentrated. I am even keeping spread sheets for this and looking daily for my sites' improvements.

    For tracking and analysis of your site I have even placed a thread at the services forum even with 100% free reviews. I think you guys will be interested. This is the thread if you did not find it out yet.
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    Well, I also have the same habit of checking the performance of all my blogs and sites.

    Its good to make them do better.

    - Digital -

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    I use Get Click analytics to track my blog's performance. I really like the interface and it has a lot of options. A similar, open-source option would be Piwik, but it's not as clean.

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    I just refer to sitemeter statistics for simple tracking numbers of visitors and which URL they come from.

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    I know you want to sell your services, but please don't spam General Chat. We have a Services forum for threads like this.

    Diet Fads

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