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Thread: Piwik - Open Source Analytics

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    Piwik - Open Source Analytics

    Is anyone here using Piwik yet?

    Piwik is about 18 months old and has over 150k downloads from SourceForge.

    It's an alternative to Google Analytics for folks who don't trust Google with all of their data.
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    Is anyone here using Piwik yet?
    Now I do

    Just installed it on a site and am curious to see how it is going to work out.

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    I'm going to install it now and give it a run.

    I love open-source software!

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    That looks real nice. I might give it a shot. A lot easier to work with applications when you can modify them to work for you.
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    I like its interface a lot, definitely one to keep.

    The only site where I'm using it now has some ranking problems but the statistics are very close to that of Google Analytics.

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    I've tried it out. I like the way it displays things and it's pretty close to accurate. I haven't figured out how to work with the API yet though.

  7. Pwiki looks awesome. I'm going to give it a testdrive.

    Thanks Will!

  8. can you compare the analytics data and the piwik data results??

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    I had a chance to test Piwik, and did something like a small review, plus a comparison of the data Piwik and GA threw up:

    Piwik – Open Source Web Analytics, first look and review : OA Blog

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    Piwik looks nice, i'm anyways unhappy with G analytics and want an alternative. Maybe i'll install Piwik on my new site and see how it fares.

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