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    Traffic Tracker

    Hello guys!

    I was just wondering, what traffic tracker do you use?

    I've used Google Analytics, and it's awsome. I can't imagine ever switching from it. What about you?:s1:

  2. Google Analytics does not track every visit at times and also it really reduces page load time.

    So for WP blogs i use stats.
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    I use statpress, and AW stats. Both are highly accurate.

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    awstats is what i use others drop some traffic here and there

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    I personally only use AWStats. I used Analytics for a bit, but I just couldn't get to grips with it. One of the most important things for me is to see where the majority of the traffic comes from, and AWStats is awesome for that

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    ah, i'm forgot the name of my traffic tracker , because i just delete it yesterday. I'm using the simple traffic tracker which only shown stat such UV, today visitor, month visitor, pagerank. It's so simple, just a black text in a white background. Sorry, forgot the name

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    Currently I use Google Analytics to track my traffic. I have also used statcounter, but I think that Google Analytics is better because it offers much data and it is free.

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    I'm using Google Analytics for some of the websites that are hosted with hosts that only have Webalizer installed. The hosts having AwStats installed don't have it though


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