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Thread: Using Google Alerts as a SEO tool

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    Using Google Alerts as a SEO tool

    I was wondering if anyone else has used Google Alerts as a tool to be alerted of new backlinks and indexed pages?

    I've only now just discovered this (I'm a little slow sometimes)

    I've found if you go to Google Alerts and put in queries such as or it can let you know when new links appear in the google SERPs.

    Also if you change the "How often" setting to "as it happens" you'll pretty much no instantly when something new appears.

    I'm using it to to track backlink growth on a few different sites myself.

    If you haven't used or heard of it I am happy to have found something to share


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    I used it for a keyword that I was targeting. The alerts brought me news, interesting information and sometimes a place where a link could be dropped.

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    I use it A LOT! Not only for SEO but also to check all new indexed pages/blogs/news regarding a specific topic/keyword. also use it for competition (spying on enemy's base )

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    On the spying thing I guess you could set alerts for you biggest competitors and see where they are getting new links from so you can approach the same sites for some kind of link deal.


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    Aussie, that's a great idea, thanks for sharing this technique with us
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    I use it to get news. Lot and lot of emails to look at every day. It's a good thing.

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