Hello Netbuilders members,

I have published 6 new research papers of common public interest: (I researched on them from Jan 2010 till 2nd Jan 2011 - almost a year) on them before publishing.

Paper 1:Best Free Linux Distros To Try In 2011
Paper 2:Non-Linux OpenSource PC Operating Systems that Devs should do R&Ds on
Paper 3:How to burn ISO file in Nero Start Smart
Paper 4:Funny Web Hosting Companies - Avoid Them!
Paper 5:IE6 makes funny faces
Paper 6:Why I finally said “NO” to TWITTER?

I would like your comments on them on their links itself, but if you have some suggestions on improving my way of writing or quality of content, post them here at netbuilders.

And finally if you liked any, recommend it to your friends here and at other forums too.