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Thread: Best Browser?

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    Firefox hands down. If i ever, and i try not to, use IE its really slow loading pages and new tabs. firefox for me can load 10+ tabs in the time IE takes to load 1

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    The best browser for me is still Firefox. Chrome is second, and IE is the last.

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    firefox has to be the best. there are so many plugins for that browser

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    I dont have to think to answer this, firefox without doubt Been using it since version 1 was released, and im sure its going to be the most used browser in the course of time.
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    my thumbs are UP for Firefox

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamuRaiX View Post
    The best browser for me would be google and bing they are so cool.
    bing? man give me your home address

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    I recently downloaded Flock, a new browser, and after testing it out, I still like Opera better, despite Flock's social networking feed, which I quite liked about it.

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    And the Oscar goes to


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    Firefox, Opera a very close second.
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