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Thread: Best Browser?

  1. Chrome is my best web browser.

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    Got hit with a rogue antispyware program the other day on the road without my "recovery tools" killed IE and FireFox, Chrome was able to get me online long enough to redownload Malwarebytes and RKill to get rid of it...

    I had gone back to Firefox for a few versions til it started hogging memory again on me so have started using Chrome except where its incompatible then kick to FireFox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    Firefox > all other browsers.
    Firefox overall
    For blazing fast start-up and a quick flight:
    >>> Chrome.

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    Well I'm using Opera and Chrome. Opera was my favorite but in the past several versions I found a couple of bugs that really annoyed me, so I started with Chrome. Also i was using a Mozilla but Mozilla started to eay my pc resources so I give up from MF.

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    Using only firefox.
    Only browser there is to use.
    All others are just almost browsers.

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    Damn, these signature spammers are annoying.

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    I've been using the beta version of IE9 and now the RC of IE9.

    I think once Microsoft gets all the bugs out of it, it will be a decent browser again.

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    for me FF 6 fail me .... start up is must faster then previous version, but 3X speed to full load the page .....
    and FF6 also memory monster, this is first browser eat up 2 gb ram when i play facebook poker with another two tab, now 1 gmail, 1 property site, 1 fb, 1 NB total ram use is 485mb +160mb plugin .. . . . this really too much

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