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Thread: Best Browser?

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    I am using FireFox

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    I like Firefox : )

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    I also like Firefox but some time i like to use Google Chrome.
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    I use Chrome, but discovered Comodo Dragon browser, you should try it (it is Chrome like but they say it is more secure). I am pleasantly surprised, maybe you would be too.

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    From my viewpoint, I think Mozilla Firefox is the best. Because, here we can look for as our wish,and its rate is quick. That's why s use Mozilla Firefox. If one want recommendation from me that which one is better for me. No doubtfully i will recommend him to use Mozilla Firefox.

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    Guys i will recommend you to use chrome. It has a tons of addon like ad free browsing and more.
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    According to me Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browser for browsing. It is free and open source web browser. It is developed by Mozilla Corporation. It is most popular web browser. It has great feature and technique which can make our work very easy and fast. Currently i am using this web browser. it is very speed and faster web browser.

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    I like chrome and also firefox..

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    As per my review, Here are some best browsers like mozilla firefox, google chrome, opera, safari, internet explorer. But my favorite browser is Mozilla firefox. Because it is very easy to use and not so much load to the processor thats why it is very fast running in my pc. Also there are lots of shortcuts and other facilities in Mozilla Firefox.

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