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Thread: Best Browser?

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    Best Browser?

    What is your favorite browser?

    My favorite browser is Opera

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    Firefox > all other browsers.

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    If you have an intermittent ISP as I do, then they all have a habit of crashing whether connected or not after an ISP glitch

    Such is life on line from where I am based in Asia

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    My favorite browser is " Google Chrome " now.

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    I've been using FireFox since forever, but like 1-2 weeks ago I switched to Chrome since they released their extensions (which was the main element missing compared to FireFox, imo)... so well I tried out Chrome for about a week and then moved right back to FireFox something didn't feel right, so I guess my answer is that nothing beats FireFox.
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    Chrome > Firefox > Opera

  7. I go for Chrome. However, running a customized intranet application bundled with ActiveX objects seems to be unfriendly with Chrome.

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    Opera eats them all. If you know what is "mouse gesture" you know what I mean

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    Chrome is light weight

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