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Thread: Best email provider?

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    I currently use and

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    Gmail is the best free e-mail provider in my opinion. I use it the most out all. One feature that is great about it, is that if your email has a period (.) in it, and someone accidently misplaces that period on your email, it doesn't matter. It will be redirected to your email address.

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    I think gmail is the best. fast, easy to use, professional, working with other google tools.

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    Since Iḿ using ONLY gmail I can not say it is the best one out there, but it is the one that I liked most of all that I have tried. It is just fast and simple and that is basically what I need

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    I use Gmail and i think you won't find anything better for free. Why Gmail? It's simple, trusted, fast and the capacity is big enough.

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    I'm a huge fan of Google's Apps email, it's based on gMail, but you don't have to have a generic @googlemail or @gmail address, I use loads of my domains with Apps, it's brilliant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocking_one86 View Post
    Guys ,even I love Gmail....earlier I used yahoomail and rediffmail and have used outlook too in my office but among all I prefer gmail because its never down and has huge memory and I never have to bother to delete any mails there even if its useless!!
    Even I love too, Gmail gives you such a fastest service that no other browser provides.
    So it’s easy to say; mostly people love Gmail

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    I am using hotmail

    well.....I don't know what the difference between any email providers, however, I have used hotmail since I've first started using the Internet regularly and kept my service. I like the features that hotmail has and given the fact that it responds to all my current needs and I think I will be staying with it right now.

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    For mailing i think Gmail is the best,it is easy,fast and the scurity of this mail is great,also it take too less time to load

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