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Thread: Best email provider?

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    I have Gmail, hotmail, and yahoo and gmail is the best hands-down. I have the hotmail account since my school has it's own thing through that but it uses the hotmail system, and yahoo I use for fantasy leagues. Yahoo seems to be the best at those from what I've seen.

    However, gmail is the best email provider. I love the themes, it handles spam well, the chat works wonders, labels are really nice, and the new lab items have really improved it even more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nick09 View Post
    Well guys I use both gmail and hotmail but i prefer gmail since it is faster, easy to use & more reliable. Gmail can easily deal with spam emails.

    What about you guys?
    Definitely Gmail, it's very fast and with less Spam.

    Also don't forget Google Apps.
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    i prefer gmail from google
    it caters all my needs
    so am pretty happy with it

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    I have always used yahoomail because it has got the best interface and is easy to navigate.

    Never used gmail much.

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    I love to use Gmail,it is too easy,I used hotmail,yahoo both,but gmail is easy and fast too also the security system and the store is really great

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    i have always loved gmail ever since it came out, before that i was a hotmail fan. i have never liked yahoo and aol though!

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