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Thread: Best email provider?

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    Best email provider?

    Well guys I use both gmail and hotmail but i prefer gmail since it is faster, easy to use & more reliable. Gmail can easily deal with spam emails.

    What about you guys?

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    I'd have to say gmail. It's fantastic.

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    I like gmail themes & great chatting icons

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    I use Yahoomail & Gmail, but although I love Gmail themes, I'd have to say I use my Yahoomail more often, & all e-mails I receive in my gmail e-mail address gets automatically forwarded to my Yahoomail e-mail add, to save me the hassle of having to check 2 e-mails every time.

    So, my answer is YahooMail.

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    In addition to what I've already posted, I am crazy over Yahoomail's disposable e-mail adds option in your account. I love it.
    It is indeed very useful for me since I develop myspace accounts & need new e-mail adds for each time I create a new account, but with Yahoomail's disposable e-mail adds I could just create these accounts with no hassle right inside my yahoomail account.

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    i loooooooooove gmail, it is almost my best friend, never down, big upload space, and terific design what more could a guy want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by br2 View Post
    i loooooooooove gmail, it is almost my best friend, never down, big upload space, and terific design what more could a guy want?
    I totally agree with you I love gmail, because of it, I never touched hotmail or yahoo

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    I prefer gmail

    Guys ,even I love Gmail....earlier I used yahoomail and rediffmail and have used outlook too in my office but among all I prefer gmail because its never down and has huge memory and I never have to bother to delete any mails there even if its useless!!

  9. I have used yahoo mail, gmail, sify mail, rediffmail and indiatimes. I like gmail as it keeps spam mails away from my Inbox. Gmail the Google mail service is doing a great job using auto refresh so that we need not have to refresh to see new mails coming up.

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    I think it depends what the situation is. I like hotmail because of msn and its simplicity and storage. But for a business hotmail looks cheesy and lame, something like gmail looks far more proffesional in my eyes.

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