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Thread: The Best Instant Messenger?

  1. Skype of course, but most contacts are on MSN..

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    I think so far MSN is leading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne View Post
    I think so far MSN is leading.
    I recieve spam every 3 minutes, on MSN.

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    msn may be better

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    I use PidGin too.
    I can connect to all my networks but my "prefered" is MSN because all my friends are using it

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    i find yahoo to be more user friendly and easy to use
    it has many plug ins too

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    i like gtalk and MSN but most of my contact in MSN

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    MSN no doubt about it. I used to use all three, but I'm mostly MSN more than I am AIM.
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    I use yahoo, have around 350 fans as well as friends and work related people But my addy is aim - and no I dont know why this is. MSN I never use, skype all the time as well as team speak.

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    dyazdizon Guest
    MSN and YM

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