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Thread: Can we live without the computer?

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    Post Can we live without the computer?

    Our modern times comes with one of the most influential and beneficial invention the computer. The computer is use in almost all fields of activity in everyday life. It can be found almost anywhere and it has revolutionize how we conduct our daily activity. But for reason or another what if the computer where to be suddenly taken from us. Can we still live without it?

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    I think that we would survive, but the ability to get information and communicate would be diminished.

    Now it's possible to easily learn almost anything, quickly via the Internet (no need to look for a book). Also, we can communicate for free, anytime with people all over the world (except for N.Korea).

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    Yes, almost 16 years I am living with the benefit of modern technology, but I managed somehow before that time to live 20 healthy years, so we would survive that for sure.

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    Living without computer is living without water for me. I cant live without computer and net even for one day.

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    No, I cannot live without the computer because. My all business is running due to computer and internet.

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    wow i cant imagine life without it now.

    i often think about the differences growing up now and when we were kids.

    being in high school with facebook would be terrible, lol

    one embarrassing moment can stick with u forever

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    Life with or without technology both has some pros and cons. The best way to deal with this is let it happening.

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