Have a 19" monitor that's taken to going gray then black. It's an Optiquest Q9B-2, and looking around the net it seems they're know to go down due to bad capacitors. Every place I've read about it the most likely culprits are a pair of 1000uF 16V capacitors. I popped it open and neither of the two LOOK bad, but as the monitor is a paperwight right now I'm going to change them and see.

PROBLEM: The two present are both 880uF 16V. Every reference I've seen says they're 1000uF 16V. I'm NOT an electronics guru (well, not to brag but I DID change the batteries in my flashlight)... but soldering components I've done, and a fix for a few bucks beats buying a new monitor.

I'm just wondering if I should replace them with 1000uF 16V everyone SAYS is there or with exactly whats there, 880uF. Possibly this was a refurbished unit and someone used what they had?