I've been working with digital cameras for the past few weeks and was curious as to how best to remove little bits of dust and dirt from the lenses and sensors without damaging the camera. There are mixed feelings on how to do this. I may just end up dropping my camera and optics off at a camera shop for cleaning. This article is for braver people who are willing to do their own dirty work.

Should you be out of the know, it’s like this: When you switch lenses on your SLR, it’s possible for the camera to collect small specks of dust on the sensor—the light-sensitive silicon chip that samples incoming light. Even without changing lenses, you can collect dust when shooting in dry, dusty environments. These bits of dust manifest themselves as tiny (and sometimes, not-so-tiny) spots on your pictures. I wanted those spots gone without having to edit them out in Photoshop or iPhoto —but I also wanted to know the safest way to do it.

Cleaning your digital-camera sensor | Create | Macworld