Ok so now I got CMOS Checksum error in my 4yr old pc and I guess I will have to buy a new cmos battery.. I wanted to know what else does a cmos battery failure cause apart from BIOS screw ups and date-time reversal??

Cos since last few days my pc turns of automatically when I try to scan with my AV..I work on my pc for hours and nothing happens, but when I scan it turns off.. I don't think its a virus cos i used different AV's(original and premium ones, not free) and none showed presence of any virus.

Also, my pc requires a lot of attempt in pressing the power button in order to turn it on..and after 5 minutes of pressing and all it turns back on..

I am asking this cos all these problems seem to have come up at the same time..is there any relation between all these or they all simply decided to screw me up at the same time??