Lately I am in a coding frenzy (addiction). I was inspired by tracking down interviews and blogs of great coders such as Jeff Atwood (Stack Overflow), and the makers of some great classic games such as Doom (John Romero, John Carmack). Matt Barton does a great job of interviewing classic game coders on YouTube.

In the past I have written tons of code, so now I am trying to output very nice and useful code to the best of my ability that people will find useful and recommend. In my dreams, I would be as good at coding as the guys that I referenced but I will try to scratch the surface.

My plan is to offer free code and monetize the websites with related products that are perhaps better to entice people that are OK to spend money on the solutions offered.

Scripts that I am thinking to release are:
File Download - done
Email Autoresponder - imminent
Marketer's CMS - done, but want to improve it (try and beat WordPress
URL redirector - probably be a plugin
Maybe a Blog script that handles comment spam better?

I need to make money from coding since I have no job, hence the idea of monetization of the free download sites.

Anyone else addicted to coding/web site production?