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Thread: Computer went south on me.

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    Computer went south on me.

    Everything was good.
    Got a new printer, installed it and it was working.
    Hit uninstall on old printer and it uninstalled.
    Little window said to restart computer to finish uninstalling the printer.
    I did that.
    And BAM!
    black screen that basically said computer could not boot up because of some messed up dll.
    Tried everything and still it would always lead me back to that damn screen.
    Finally with disc, got new xp pro loaded up in new folder (just would not repair or overwrite the old installation).
    So now, all is well.
    Had to do something to move all my files and folders from the old installation to the new installation.
    Anyways, one day when I get brave, I will see about deleting the old xp pro installation from my computer.

    Almost 3 hours!
    Most spent on the phone with my son down in Texas as he led me step by step through the entire freaking process!

    If all is well, tomorrow I will be back with no problems.

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    In this case I would have tried a system restore to the last known good configuration or tried to start the PC in safe mode. It was a good idea to load XP in another folder.

    I suggest to clone the drive before attempting to clean the old XP install.

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    System restore would not work.
    Anyways, to make a long story short, wiped out hard drive and reinstalled xp.
    And since then?
    Microsoft says I may be running a counterfeit copy!
    Finally one time talked to someone at MS about this and explained that hey, same computer, had to wipe hard drive clean, and reinstalled the same copy of xp that was on computer before the cleaning.
    He gave me finally one another copy of xp at 89 bucks!
    So since then, been running this computer bare as ms will not let me update xp, will not let a lot of programs run on the computer as they need a .dll (tried downloading the needed .dll's and ms would not recognize them) or .NET (again, microsoft would not let this one download and be active).
    And last night, wife said, the computer is 6 1/2 years old! Darn it if it is that old since I bought it right after we moved to Iowa.
    Tomorrow, going to get another computer with windows 7.

    Did spend time uploading all my needed files and folders and other stuff to servers so that when I get the new computer up and running I can download them.

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    I just recently was having a lot of computer issues. I was running a Gateway P-3 that I bought in the year 2000. I had replaced the hard-drive and added memory in 2005. The computer was running great with the Windows 2000 operating system. But Windows 2000 is no longer supported and I had to upgrade to XP after a crash. The system just couldn't handle XP and crashed gain a few months ago. I had to buy a new hard-drive and slave all the data to the new one. That was in December. Then in January the power supply went. In March, I lost the mother board.

    I ended buying a Optiplex 745 duo-tower on ebay for $150. It ended up being a lot cheaper than all the money I put into the P-3.

    Hopefully this will last me until Windows 8 comes out.

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    Purchased new computer this morning.
    And got it all set up so it runs great now.
    Faster than I am used to with the old computer!@
    And learning all about this windows 7 stuff.
    For sure way different in many ways from XP.

    Like the email client!
    No outlook express!
    But I like this new email client for sure.

    And since I downloaded a ton of folders that were all my wife's pictures, the zip program that is default is fast!
    200mb zipped folders were unzipped in like 2 seconds max.

    Anyways, still have a lot to do here to get all my files and folders set up, my sites information set up, and of course, to set up the usernames and passwords for everything.

    I like this windows 7!!!

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