Everything was good.
Got a new printer, installed it and it was working.
Hit uninstall on old printer and it uninstalled.
Little window said to restart computer to finish uninstalling the printer.
I did that.
And BAM!
black screen that basically said computer could not boot up because of some messed up dll.
Tried everything and still it would always lead me back to that damn screen.
Finally with disc, got new xp pro loaded up in new folder (just would not repair or overwrite the old installation).
So now, all is well.
Had to do something to move all my files and folders from the old installation to the new installation.
Anyways, one day when I get brave, I will see about deleting the old xp pro installation from my computer.

Almost 3 hours!
Most spent on the phone with my son down in Texas as he led me step by step through the entire freaking process!

If all is well, tomorrow I will be back with no problems.