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Thread: Department of Justice virus- ransomware

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    Department of Justice virus- ransomware

    See How to Remove Ransomware Infection-Your Computer Has Been Locked (Federal Department of Justice virus Removal Guide)- AnviSoft

    I have a friend ask about this one. I walked them thru Removal Option 1-Safe Mode with Command Prompt Restore

    The last step is to unload a $25 AV software. I assume that is NOT necessary to do that? Is anything required cleanup-wise after reboot and taking it back to an earlier time?
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    This is good info just in case I need it some day.

    Most of these ransomware viruses exploit vulnerabilities in Java and Flash. They also frequently use military grade encryption, which can encrypt your entire PC. If you do not need Java to run applications, remove it or at least keep it updated. Removing it is safer. Java has always been a buggy piece of crap and a resource hog. I no longer run anything on my PCs that requires Java.

    For those who are not code-savvy, Java has nothing to do with JavaScript. JavaScript, AJAX and JQuery will still run in your browser without Java.

    I am getting updates for Flash a couple of times per month. Keep the Adobe automatic updates turned on. Flash is currently dying and will likely be obsolete in a couple of years, but it will remain in browsers much longer. Even Adobe is moving away from it in favor of HTML5 solutions.

    The number 1 rule is to never click on any file that arrives in an email unless you know and trust the sender. Zip files and exe files are the worst for hiding viruses. If you do not know the email sender, just delete the message.

    If the PC is working again after applying Option 1, you probably do not need to upload the additional software. I don't know anything about AnviSoft. The virus may still be on the PC, but without any hooks in the registry it is likely inactive. A virus is a program that cannot run unless something executes it.

    Here is some more info on ransomware:

    Prevent a serious ransomware virus -, Website for The Kim Komando Radio Show®, Komando Downloads
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