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Thread: Do you have Google as your homepage?

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    Do you have Google as your homepage?

    I do, how many of you do?

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    Yep. My homepage is set to google.

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    My Homepage is set to 2 Tabs:

    XD - to check it out, give more views to it AND to wait for PM replys

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    yes sure 100/100

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    dyazdizon Guest
    yep, set to

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    lol YES. google is dah best, cause dah boss uses it
    visit my website

    or dont

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    My home page is G as well. Still i do not let it open and press esc button.

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    My home page is yoomy..just because it shares the desktop with google and bing..and usually i keep home pages for two or three weeks only..frequently am changing it..

  9. No, my own forum is set to my home page.

  10. I coded a custom HTML page for my home page.

    It consists of the 287 URL's I visit most frequently -- neatly organized with tables.

    It's a big time-saver for me.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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