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Thread: Do you prefer Gmail ?

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    I find Gmail simpler and faster in most cases. In addition the uploading is fast and I tend to send a lot of files (documents, pictures, etc.)

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    Gmail is really fast on google chrome, I check my mail either via Chrome or my iPhone.

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    i have my main mail id with gmail.
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    Now i use 95% gmail and only 5% yahoo. More contacts in gmail as of now.


  5. I use Gmail for two reasons. First, Gmail's web based emails are faster compared to yahoo which often drops in my case. Second, when I use my email with GTalk, I don't get spam messages like what I always get every time I open my YM.

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    I currently use Hotmail and Hushmail.

    I dont prefer gmail.

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    I prefer Gmail over Yahoo. It's faster

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