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Thread: Do you prefer Gmail ?

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    Do you prefer Gmail ?

    I'm using Gmail as my primary email address. Gmail is more faster and easy to manage compare to others. What do you think guys ?Are you using Gmail also?

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    At first I had created my email account in Yahoo. But as I came to know about Gmail I immediately signed up and got the google services. After one month, I came to know about the best services of Gmail compared to any other mail.Gmail is the best.

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    Gmail is based on simple architecture while Yahoo is complex based because to too much AJAX services in it.
    Script installation and template edits will be done at cheap cost!

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    I still use my old yahoo mail as my main mail box. but when apply for new email I prefer gmail.
    Gmail looks simple and more faster .

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    i'm using google docs very often, and when i need to send documents via email easiest way is to use gmail. gmail is very flexible and profesional

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    compared to yahoo, rediff and others, gmail is fastest of all. It does not need to reload while goin back to same folder. Also uploading attachments is much faster.

  7. i prefer gmail for business purposes... personal for yahoomail

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    I prefer Gmail because I can forward from addresses on my domains to them and set it up to reply from those same domains. This way I only have to check one email account.

    Although I do have a Hotmail account that I use for things I think may result in SPAM.

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    I prefer my domain email address. I only use gmail if sending or using the email address might lead to recieveing ton's of spam.

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    yeah i prefer the gmail beacause it has the fully loaded features and it looks more secure than the other emails.

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