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Thread: Do you use the gmail chat?

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    We used it. G.mail is our official mail server.

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    Yes, I use Google chat and it is one of the favorite chat app. Because, it looks very simple and easy. So, there is no problem to use. It contains many nice features and functionalities. It is very effective and reliable so I always prefer it.

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    Yes! Its the only chat i use, i use the chat in gmail as it has the video plugin as well. I dont use gtalk though.
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  4. Gmail chat works very well for me. Luckily, I have not received any spammed messages from anonymous users on my gmail account. My YM account always ends up with tons of offline messages, usually spam, thus I abandoned it for about two years now.

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    The main reason I use gmail chat is because i don't have to install a messenger on my computer, and I always can chat with clients/friends while I am connected on any computer, also, gmail has all what I need for communications.


  6. Now a day Gtalk is growing famous in general chat or sharing file online safely. I also use Gtail very much.

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