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Thread: Do you use the gmail chat?

  1. Do you use the gmail chat?

    I used to use gmail chat all the time, when I am communicating to an admin of another site. they use this instead of YM. what do you think of gmail chat?

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    i use msn ussally never tried gmail chat never heard of it accually lol

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    Red face yes... i do use...

    Yes, I do use Google Chat quite reguarly. It is good and the integration of chatting from my gmail page and Google talk is the coolest feature that i like about it.

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    my bosses prefer Google chat over Yahoo messenger because it has no frills. i used to prefer YM over Google chat but now i think my bosses are quite right in their preference.

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    I use it sometimes but most of my friend use Yahoo messenger so I have to use that too.

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    i use gtalk a lot and i need to keep open my google mail box entire day so i feel good to chat there it self

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    Yes but often

    Yes i use gmail chat feature but mostly i use yahoo messenger bcoz all of my friends use yahoo but 3 of then are addicted to gmail so whenever i need to get some communication with them i use gmail chat

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    i use gmail chat...its gd...

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    I also use gmail chat. because our maximum chat friends are there in gmail for link exchange.

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    I use it all the time, even with the video chatting on, it's really great, I even use it on my iGoogle homepage and Gtalk.

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