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Thread: Do you use Skype?

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    Yes, I use Skype too. Very cheap (and sometimes free) alternative to landlines and cell phones...

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    am always on skype...even if am off on my on at skype from my mobile..Its very convenient for me than any other Im's
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    I use Skype to talk with my husband whenever I'm traveling. It's more sensible than paying the outrageous hotel phone charges. I'll occasionally use it to chat with my friends back in the States, as many of them cannot afford international call charges.

    Otherwise, my husband uses my Skype account more than I do.

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    I use skype only sometimes when a buyer wants to discuss with me.

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    I use it rarely >_>

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    I use it too...

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    who wants to add me? :P aziz.natour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Liew View Post
    I use Skype as well, mainly because it allows phone calls and most of my peers and clients use it. The interface is OK for me but I prefer a simple one like Digsby or Pidgin.
    I like pidgin as well :P i dont like skype but its better than live messenger

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    Yes, and I like the voice call facility


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    I use Skype as well as many IM's. I like Skype because sound quality is good.

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