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Thread: Do you use Skype?

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    I use it very often

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    Personally I sue skype for business purposes because it's more dependable than yahoo messenger.I do use yahoo.messenger for casual talks with friends.

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    I use Skype but I have very few contacts in there compared to my 400+ contact list on MSN.

    But if you compare video and audio quality to MSN then Skype is way better imo.
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    I use Skype a lot because it has this unlimited world connection where you pay a flat rate of $12 a month and you can call landlines (and even handphones in some countries) without limit. It's also great for chatting and voice conference if the internet connection is fast enough.

    I use it for both work and personal stuff.

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    Never used it but its pretty cool.

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    I do use it from time to time to talk to some of the people I know outside Belgium. Most of the time it's still MSN though
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    My edit team is spread across several continents. It'd be wasteful to pay long distance charges when we can speak skype-to-skype for free and we can see who is available online at a glance. Plus we can use it either as a phone, video phone, or text medium, and we can conference if needed.

    As a practical matter a lot of people like varied communication programs, so I have Trillian open on the desktop when I'm online, and use it to combine skype, aim, yahoo messenger, etc. They can all be used thru the Trillian interface, so I only have one platform visible that way but can still use multiple mediums.
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    Till now i haven't used skype.

  9. i think it's very easy in use and convenient

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    Quote Originally Posted by web_ape View Post
    Yep me too, some great features on the latest one - including desktop sharing - you can show your desktop and allow the recipient to see what you are doing - very cool.

    Web Ape
    Thanks, I didn't know this, desktop sharing works with the free version?

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