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Thread: Do you use Skype?

  1. Do you use Skype?


    I was wondering how many of you'll use Skype.

    I don't.

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    I do, because some clients use it. However, I really hate Skype. The interface is extremely annoying.

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    Skype is the 'in' thing so I use it, especially on my iPhone. It helps to network better.

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    Yes I have mainly switched to Skype now.

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    Yes I do. For some reason, I love Skype's interface and stuff. Maybe it's just me? LOL
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    Yep me too, some great features on the latest one - including desktop sharing - you can show your desktop and allow the recipient to see what you are doing - very cool.

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    I use Skype as well, mainly because it allows phone calls and most of my peers and clients use it. The interface is OK for me but I prefer a simple one like Digsby or Pidgin.
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    No skype - only MSN for me.

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    I use Skype the most now, it is really cool.

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    I do not have a camera. I do not acytully need skype...

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