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Thread: Which eMail client do you use?

  1. Smile Which eMail client do you use?


    I have many many eMail accounts (, etc.) so I decided to put everything under on client, Microsoft Office 2007.

    It really is slow and irritating.

    Any other you recommend?

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    @Farrhad - Try Mozilla Thunderbird, it is pretty quick and stable. However lately I have been using the GHS (Google Hosted Services) GMail and have it setup to check all of my external accounts.
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    I second Keith try Thundebird, Mozilla stuff rocks.
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  4. Thunderbird is a very good idea to use.

    I know really the only account I use is my AOL account. I know everyone hates AOL now, but I think it is still good.

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    I use thunderbird and Gmail. I prefer Gmail, personally. It's got a nicer way of dealing with things, and it doesn't take up desktop space.

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