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Thread: FireFox 3.5

  1. Smile FireFox 3.5


    FireFox 3.5 is out, anyone tried it?

    I just got it and it is super fast.
    Some people said it is crashing, so i guess i will wait till I make it my default browser.

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    Works fine on os x,

    and your right Farrhad it's lightning


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    It is really good, i just updated it after reading this thread.

    They have really done a good job.

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    I read that it is unstable, I rather wait. I hate it when browsers crash

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    It has a nice feature called 'Private browsing', it's not necesarry for me, but some married males may need to use that

    I'm still on the latest 2.0 version, I hate the third version (please make a 4th version FF)

  6. I have not upgraded yet but Ill give it a go maybe later today
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    It is really nice, I recommend it.

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    I always stick with IE and I love it. Currently on IE 8.

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    I love FF but it gets slow over time. Chrome + FF is what I am using. and yeah ctrl+shift+p on 3.5 gives private browsing though i dont need it, good to have the option still lol

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    I might wait until its stable. I tend to have tons of tabs open at once and I don't want it crashing on me.

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