Hey All,

I thought I would be the first to break in this new forum with a general list of security tips. I will keep this list updated, so if you have any, just post and Ill add them here.

Change Your Passwords - Even if it is not required by the application you are using, changing your passwords every 60-90 days is a practice that should never be skipped.

Use Strong Passwords - There has been alot of research on the effectiveness of Strong Passwords, the results were stunning. By Adding a capital letter to your password, you make your password 99 times harder to guess or brute force. If you add a number to your password, you make your password 99 times more harder to guess. When you add a non-alphanumeric symbol to your password, you make it another 99 times harder to guess. If you have more then 8 digits in your password, you just made it another 99 times harder to guess. Lastly if you do not use a word that is in the English Dictionary, you add another 99 times to that.

Passwords are often given a score of 1-100 depending on length. To tell you how effective a password is, here is a simple example.

Example Password = mgeotiv would have a score of about 48, since it does not have a dictionary word, the final score is 4752 (48*99)

If that example was changed to a strong password like 1mGe0t!v4e then this would have a score of 4610860848 (48*99*99*99*99)

If Using a Public Computer - Clear ALL browser cookies after use. This will prevent people from getting your personal information from websites that use cookies. (Thanks Jesse)

Keep Your Computer free of Malware - I cannot stress how important it is to have an up-to-date security suite on your computer. This will protect you from Viruses, Spyware, Adware and other threats. (Thanks Jesse)

DO NOT install any security software before researching - There is a new threat that is going around. These are being called Rogue Security Applications. These applications pretend to be a legitimate security application by using names like "Windows Anti-Spyware Professional" and even using several of the Microsoft Logos. They will report that your computer has hunderds of viruses (in which you most likely dont have) and charge you to remove them.