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Thread: Gmail and Buzz changes

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    Gmail and Buzz changes

    It seems that the Buzz social network is being axed, and at the same time the Gmail interface has been "improved".

    I'm not fussed about Buzz, but I really liked my wood theme Gmail page, not so sure about the improved version with the off-white content area and cut and pasted themes from the web.

    Anyway, if you are a Gmail user "You will automatically get upgraded to the new look soon."

    I guess they know what is best for us?

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    Yes, they are, why are you even in doubt? At first I consider them as a good company with splendid ideas for a new millenium, nowadays they look more like MS and taking turn for money, so I think we all are going to be disappointed in the future...

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    Anybody that thinks google is in this to help and not for the money?


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