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  1. Google chrome

    I've never really payed any attention to Google chrome whenever I finish a design. But now I design for every browser.

    Do you code for google chrome?
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    Somewhere in the past I tried Google Chrome, but I didn't like it really. I stayed with Mozilla Firefox and I am really satisfied using it.

  3. Chrome is now a widely used browser so you must consider it while coding.
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    First I code for the modern browsers Webkit browsers: Safari, Chrome, Konqueror, the Gecko browsers Firefox, Camino and Opera, then fix discrepancies for IE6/7 the IE8 should be just fine.

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    You should code for all browsers except maybe IE 6. And you can charge more if the client wants IE 6 compatibility.

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    no...never tried it yet. I just go on the major browsers used like safari, IE, and firefox

  7. Webkit and Gecko browsers typically adhere to standards so it's very likely that if a design works in Firefox it'll work on Chrome.

    It's only IE6/7 that are troublesome. IE8 is better.

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    Chrome is like any other webkit-based browser, and usually doesn't look different from other browsers, like what memenode said.

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    I have been using Mozilla for the longest time tried to switch to chrome but my friend told me that the browser actually sending all the sites that you go to.I stopped using it.

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    Google chrome always crashes for me

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