The smartphone industry is evolving rapidly. Major players in this space such as Apple (AAPL) and Samsung (SSNLF.PK) have seen their profits fall in recent months as the competition between manufacturers heats up. Similarly, competition is also heating up between major smartphone platforms. Android and iOS currently dominate the smartphone space. According to statistics from IDC, the two leading smartphone operating systems accounted for 92.3% of smartphone shipments in Q1. However, in recent times, Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows Phone and BlackBerry (BBRY) are trying to challenge the mighty duopoly, and it appears as if Google (GOOG) does not like the challenge.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): Google Is Trying To Sabotage Windows Phone's Rise - What Can Microsoft And Nokia Do? - Seeking Alpha

I like Samsung phone based Windows and it is fully compatible with my PC. What smartphone do you own? And why did you buy it?