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Thread: Got my new Laptop! :D

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    Got my new Laptop! :D

    Finally after a looooooong wait of about 13 days, I got my new laptop. It's a Dell Studio 15 Ruby Red color. Will post the pics soon... I am in love with it right now!

    I was told that it would get delivered in less than 6 days (working days). But it got delayed due to 'non-availability' of parts which is what I was told. It looks like this:

  2. Sweet! I'm on a Dell Latitude D820 right now, thinking about an upgrade.
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    Wow, coool! I had a Toshiba Satelite, it got busted. I am on the look out for a new one.

  4. Great, congrats!

    I've recently bought my first desktop computer after 5 laptops. Getting used to the 19" screen now.

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    That's cool.

    I gonna buy some pieces and build my computer:
    MB: P5Q Pro, Quad Core Q6600, Gigabyte HD4850, Samsung F1 500Go, 4Go RAM ...

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    Cool. What specs do you recommend for webmaster purposes ? I'm looking for a new one at the moment.

    My -5 y.o.- laptop crashed yesterday due to overheating. I can run it for about 5 mins with ice elements near the cooling system .I can use my wifes' laptop every now and then, so i'm looking for a new one.
    Feels kinda crippled without my favorite stuff on it.

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    Cool, I'm waiting for mine (Black color) ... Dell people are great at offering deals
    Need some time to handle deferred joining date by three big IT companies.

    If your work is still pending, I'll soon get in touch.

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    I've been through 4 laptops in the past 3 years.

    2 x Compaq's (can't even remember the models, both were good but a) their power leads broke b) I needed an upgrade).
    1 x Dell Inspiron 2200 - rubbish. Booting problems, and the battery died. The power lead of this laptop also broke.
    1 x Dell Inspiron 1550 - rubbish. Complete and utter rubbish. Faulty: motherboard, hard drive, RAM, graphics card, and cooling fan. The power lead broke after approximately 1 week of use (this time, on a flat surface - i.e. table), it melted. I received BSoD's constantly. Hated every moment of it.

    I've finally decided to move back to a desktop. So far, my life has suffered less pain. It took me 5 minutes to reinstall Windows, and has not crashed. It's an Acer M3200 - AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD.

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    I like the solidness of a desktop but I'm traveling quite often. My laptop is an Acer Aspire 1600 and its 5 years old. It always worked, rarely had any problems so never felt the need for replacement. Now it broke and needs replacement so I'm looking for something not too heavy with decent battery life and compact so I can work on my projects when traveling. Also looking for another OS than windows.

    That Dell Studio 15 looks very neat by the way.

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    Amol, congrats on your new the 'red'. 5Star...I have a Toshiba Satellite and its pretty nice....has been serving me well. I am, however very intrigued with the Mac and will probably look into it when I'm ready for something.

    DomainMagnate and Loko, I hear you with the desktop. I noticed a big difference when I went from desktop to laptop several years ago. The laptop just doesn't have the same power, I like the portability, but I don't need 'portability' that often. Ahhh the technology dilemmas.

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