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Thread: GTalk or Yahoo Messenger?

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    gtalk is best of all for chattin wid friends and all. Its much faster and less size. Its simple and faster.

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    well i will go with Gtalk only.Yahoo is not good with the call features.Their voice transfers are poor.As far US is concerned Yahoo mess experiencing lot of problems.Thats the main reason why US ppl using Skype and Gtalk alone

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    Yahoo is best for chatting,as per business conversations i prefer gtalk as it has more voice clarity

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    i am using yahoo messenger, rediffbol, gtalk & skype but i almost like to use yahoo messenger because yahoo messenger have talkies,smiles & good interesting audibles other messengers not having these type of features. so i like yahoo messenger.

  5. yahoo messenger ever since... actually i dont really like gtalk when it comes to virtual messenger

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    I don't use Yahoo messenger and Gtalk.. I like using skype..

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    I like the gtalk it is very fast than the yahoo messenger.Now in new gtalk you can also do the video chat.

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