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Thread: GTalk or Yahoo Messenger?

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    GTalk or Yahoo Messenger?

    what do you feel the best way in contacting a person. will it be gtalk or ymessenger. what comes first when you need to call online someone.

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    In order to call i always prefer gtalk .However yahoo has been a life saver for me used it for 5yrs and i dont think i will move to gralk.

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    Well I like to contact my friends using Yahoo Messenger only ,as it has got nice features. Gtalk is not much popular due to scarcity of chatting features . Yahoo Messenger 9.1 is amazing my friends.

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    I never used another one than windows live messenger , it's the best for me , it's so easy

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    I like skype lol....not sure about the other ones though.

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    For calling someone online,the features of Ymsngr 9.1 is superb and I prefer that only.Its so much fun with the audibles and different voices provided there. The network is also better than gtalk and quality of sound is also better.

  7. I have been using Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk , MSN Messenger and Skype. Skype seems to be best for voice chat. Yahoo messenger is good for chatting and sending files.

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    I prefer Gtalk because I like to chat with people using my gmail account as it provides better services. It also gives an excellent feature of voice chat which sounds clear. Ymessenger gives more load on your system as compared to Gtalk.

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    I m online with all types of messenger. gtalk is all time favorite.
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    I prefer Gtalk. But many people still use MSN and Yahoo Messenger. My friends like use MSN. So I have to use MSN and YMessenger most of the time.

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