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Thread: How big is your screen?

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    How big is your screen?

    How big is your computer screen?

    Mine is 22''

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    Mine is just a measley 17-inch monitor.
    I have had this screen since about 3 years ago, hopefully I'll be able to upgrade soon.

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    I have a 19 inch screen. 15.4inch laptop as well

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    Hehe, I beated you all. But, the problem is how much? My uncle is doing some import business, and he inported some graet chinese TV-s, so I got one. Its LCD, thin and really big, and resolution can be changed, everything

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    i have 2 pc,'s, my monitor screen size is 17 inch, i am using from 2 years.

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    I'm using a dual monitor. One is 22" and the other is 19"

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